Hello, are you there? 
acrylic, oil marker, canvas, 80x100 cm (31,4x40 in)

Abstraction blue, acrylic, canvas, 50x120 cm (20x47 in)

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About author

Herstein was born in 1976 in Warsaw, where she lived and worked until 2014 when she moved to London. She has studied journalism, philosophy and psychology; she worked as a journalist and for many years she was the Graphics Editor in two big Polish newspapers, where she was responsible for the visual aspect of the journalistic media. In 2011, she decided to focus on painting and drawing, activities which she has enjoyed since she was a child. She has taken part in various national and local exhibitions. In 2017 she had an individual exhibition in Poland as a part of the cyclical exhibition "Four Seasons: Spring". Since 2015, she has also been a participant in the SPECULA project, an international exhibition presented in many institutions of culture and science in Poland (including the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, the Masovian House of Culture in Warsaw and the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum in Warsaw) and in Como in Italy. Currently, she mostly paints with acrylics and her favourite theme is nature – flowers, trees, birds.